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Have you serviced your business with the necessary IT equipment yet? How are your office phones and communication tools? Maybe your valuable business data needs backing up, protecting those important digital records and files that simply cannot be lost?

Hi Tech ITworX provides IT solutions to business of all sizes, including service and sales of laptop and desktop computers through to servers and backup management and data migration. Our technicians provide quality support and uphold a high degree of aptitude in the provision of IT maintenance and product supply.

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Server Solutions

We're one of the best providers of server solutions within NSW.

Find your Fit

Our team are experts in sales, installation and support of servers and workstations. We can help you find the best product for your business and can design a server to cater to your needs as your business grows.

Our Range

Hi Tech ITworX is one of the best providers of server solutions for business within NSW for our on-site and remote support, data migration services, backup management and preventative maintenance. Your server will be fully configured by our expert technicians prior to delivery and installation.

Servers for Business

There are server solutions for all types of businesses and situations, we will ensure that any server solutions that we devise for you will be the best currently available in the market.

Phone Systems

Phone systems, networking and more...

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    Telephone Systems

    As well as servers, desktops and laptops, Hi Tech ITworX are also able to design a complete telephone system, to suit the needs of your business.

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    Whether your only need a simple two or three extension phone system or a fully integrated communications system, Hi Tech ITworX can help. Our extensive network of suppliers allows us to source the best available products for our clients.

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    VOIP Systems

    We are also experts in VOIP systems, which allow you to save money on your telephone call charges, by utilising your existing broadband internet connection, to make telephone calls.

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    We can also design into your system, software that allows you to monitor the activity on your telephone system, this software has a range of applications, e.g. guest billing for hotels and motels, time billing for solicitors, etc.

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    Office Mobility

    Hi Tech ITworX are also experts in installing both audio conferencing and video conferencing telephone systems in your boardroom or meeting rooms.

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Data Cabling

The benefits of data cabling.

data cabling
  • Hi Tech ITworX can help with all your data cabling requirements, from network and telephone cabling to fibre optic cabling.
  • If you need to expand your wired and/or wireless networks, extend your telephone systems into new office spaces or you’re moving your offices to a new location and need cabling in place prior to your relocation, we are able to organise all your cabling needs.
  • All of our data cabling is carried out by our fully insured and qualified staff and is installed to all current Australian Standards and to local council building requirements.
  • We service all areas of Central West NSW and are available outside of your office hours, to lessen the impact on your business activities and staff.

Hi Tech can provide data migration transfer with ease.

What is it?

Data Migration is a specialised area of the IT industry, and we have the technical expertise and the experienced technicians to ensure that your data is migrated from your old computer systems to your new computer systems with minimal disruption to your day to day operations.

How do I get it?

The staff here at Hi Tech ITworX can perform data migration with ease, either at your premises or in our workshop. We are even available after hours so that we cause the least amount of “down-time” and minimal interruption to your staff, give us a call or pop by one of our offices for more information.

Backup Management

How can this help my business?

As anyone who runs a business knows information is key, so imagine if your business lost all of its crucial information from its computer systems. How long would your business take to recover all of vital information? How many customers would you inconvenience by losing your point of sale system?

This is why a having a data backup management plan is critical to any business, from a sole trader to a large multi-national company, your information is vital. Hi Tech ITworX can analyse your requirements and recommend a backup management solution to better suite your needs.

Our solutions range from configuring your computer to backing up your data to a safe and secure location off your premises.

Businessman typing on a phone.

What preventative maintenance can do for you.

  • Just like all machinery, your computers need regular maintenance from time to time. Hi Tech ITworX offers a selection of preventative maintenance packages that take the headache out of servicing and maintaining your computer systems.
  • Our preventative maintenance services are a regularly scheduled visit to your business by our expert technicians. Our technicians will clean your computers and servers by removing dust and debris that collects in the internals and the fans to prevent impeding the airflow that hampers cooling.
  • Our technicians will also check all of your hardware and report on any items that may soon need to be replaced or upgraded which ensures that your systems are always running at their optimum levels.
  • Our staff will check for and install all the latest updates and patches to your operating system and other software to ensure that the security and integrity of your computers are up to standard.
  • Preventative maintenance is a cost effective way of ensuring that your computer system is always running at optimum, allowing your business to continue functioning, as computer “down-time” is greatly reduced by regular preventative maintenance.
  • Should you have any queries or would like to enquire about our free delivery / pickup service then please do not hesitate to contact us. Or alternatively pop in store at our Mudgee, Orange, Bathurst and Parkes offices.