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Are all your support technicians qualified?

All of our support technicians and support staff are fully qualified with some being specialists in a particular area of the IT industry. All of our staff have experience with small business systems and large corporate systems.

What do I need to use for a remote support session?

Hi Tech ITworX uses a software package called BeAnywhere. The customer module for BeAnywhere (which we will ask you to download), can be deleted from your system once we are finished. We will guide you through downloading and operating the software.

For more information on our remote support services click here.

How long has Hi Tech ITworX been operating?

We have been operating in the Central West NSW and surrounding area for over 14 years, the fact that we have been operating so long is a testament to our quality products, services and customer support.

Is Hi Tech ITworX independently owned?

We are 100% Australian, independently owned and locally operated, we are not aligned or affiliated with any other computer retailer, so we can offer you a wide range of brands at competitive prices.

What options are available for customer support?

Hi Tech ITworX has both onsite support and remote support available. Onsite support is when our technicians diagnoses and rectifies your issues at your office. Remote support (our most popular option), is where one of our technicians connects to your server or computer securely from our office and solves your issues over a high speed internet connection.

Why should I choose to deal with Hi Tech ITworX?

We believe that if you carefully compare the quality and capability of the products we offer with any product available on the market, you will find that we offer the most competitive services. Also our staff aim to be one of the best in the Mudgee, Orange, Bathurst, Parkes and throughout Central West NSW for after sales support, customer support and backup.

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