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Why choose our surveillance systems?

Hi Tech ITworX are fully qualified and licensed security installers via our Hi Tech Data & Security branch. Providing the latest in high-quality CCTV and security systems we utilise the latest hardware and software solutions which include high quality, high frame rate video as well as remote accessible functionality via Apple, Android and PC devices giving our customers the ability to access the camera system anytime, anywhere.

A security system provides a range of benefits beyond preventing vandalising and assisting in criminal apprehension. In a business setting security systems also assist in monitoring employee and customer access, improving customer experience, increasing productivity and documenting workplace-related incidents. Hi Tech Data & Security can both install new systems and upgrade existing systems and will individually assess your requirements, location and budget and provide recommendations on cameras, cabling and other hardware.

When upgrading existing systems our team can implement a digital hybrid system that makes use of existing cabling while adding modern cameras to cover any blind spots in your coverage.

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Master Security License: 103383

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Surveillance Benefits

  • Remote Monitoring

    Monitor and access your security cameras remotely via desktop PC or mobile app.

  • Deter Crime

    Security cameras have shown to prevent theft and vandalism on your property by up to 67%

  • Playback Motion

    Be automatically alerted to any movement and access a generous playback history of recordings

  • Improve Productivity

    Utilising your cameras to monitor workloads and movement can be invaluable during productivity assessments.

  • High Quality Video

    High resolution, high frame rate cameras with excellent dynamic range captures great detail which is especially important in identification

  • Customer Experience

    In a retail environment CCTV can offer the added benefit of monitoring customers movements and interests

"Solar Pumping Solutions have employed Hi Tech as our ‘IT guys’ for more than 6 years. They have seamlessly set us up into a new office including all computer hardware, networks, phone systems and related connectivity. There are many things you look for in an IT company, professionalism, educated advice, quick response, quality equipment and reliability. Hi Tech are all of these things to us, but the gold with these guys is in their service, they treat us like friends and care for us like family, we could not recommend them more."
Kim Harding
Solar Pumping Solutions